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Utdanning til jenter i Peru

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U-landsforeningen Svalene
Christiesgt. 16
5015 Bergen
Org nr. 986 192 158
Telefon: (+47) 466 76 209
Konto: 0530.11.90214

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The Swallows of Norway is a small neutral NGO. The board of the organisation in Norway consists of 8 independent members, each with their private occupation and living in different places of Norway. The organisation has no office, community nor accomodation facilities. The board receives and registers gifts and contributions from members, about 200 persons and institutions. These persons receive a newsletter 3 times a year, where they get news from the project they support.

The main task of the Swallows is financing the operation of a vocational school for young girls in Lima, Peru, called Cristiania. This school gives free education to about 160 girls each year, pupils from homes in a precarious economic situation. The aim is to give teaching to girls that are not in conditions to obtain an education by their own means. In addition to ordinary theoretical subjects, the school offers courses in domestic science and preparation of food, computer instruction, cosmethology and hairdressing. Cristiania also receives 24 boarders among the pupils, and gives food to a large number of pupils.

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